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Tier1Flash Overview - About Us

Tier 1. What is it? In flash drive terms, it is the label applied to top-quality NAND or Flash memory modules. But to us, it's a philosophy. We endeavor to act differently; to be better than anyone else at what we do. We care about every interaction we have with you and constantly think about how we can help you create a better relationship with your client. We care about our reputation and yours. We care about doing the RIGHT thing, even when it is not the expedient or profitable thing. And we care about our relationships with our overseas partners because they are people, too . We have been building PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS with our clients and suppliers since 1999. We know the people, the machines and the processes that handle every aspect of production. This allows US TO OFFER an unmatched level of understanding, service, and quality.

Our Standard QC process:
  1. All flash modules are individually tested upon arrival.
  2. All flash casings are inspected before and after your logo is added.
  3. Flash is tested again after soldering to PCB.
  4. After data is loaded (optional), each drive is tested to ensure the loaded files open correctly.
  5. After flash is put into casings, the flash is tested again, then casings are cleaned and inspected before final packing.
  6. A statistically valid sample is then re-tested before shipping.
All of our flash is made from Tier 1 NAND modules and is RoHS certified. It is produced in a RoHS compliant and ISO certified facility. Our facility is a 100% dedicated flash drive operation.


We look forward to serving you!