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Frequently Asked Questions:

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What formats are acceptable for logo files?

We can accept logo files in:

  1. .eps (encapsulated PostScript
  2. .ai (Adobe Illustrator
  3. .cdr (CorelDRAW)
  4. PDF (Portable Document Format)
Minimum recommended resolution is 300 dpi. If a pantone match is required for the logo, the pantone colors should be embedded in the file or provided along with it.

What is required to pre-load data?
We can pre-load any data you like on our flash drives. The data will appear on drives in the exact order and format in which we receive it. Windows sorts folders and files alphabetically by default. If you would like files and folders to appear in a particular order on the end users computers they should be named so an alpha sort will display them in that order. You can provide the data to us on a CD, a flash drive or you may upload it to your FTP site for us to download. Our policy is to not manipulate data or file names in any way so data should be reviewed thoroughly before submission.


Can you make pre-loaded data permanent and un-erasable?
Yes. Any and all pre-loaded data can be made permanent. We must be informed of this requirement when your order is placed.


Do you offer auto-run on your drives?
Auto-run automatically launches a specific file or presentation when the drive is inserted into a computer. We offer this functionality when requested but strongly advise against using it. For data safety reasons a large percentage of corporations disable the auto-run feature. It also requires us to add a few otherwise unnecessary files to the drive. These files are visible to users when they view the drive in Windows Explorer, which can sometimes be confusing.